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Empathogen Converted for MacOS X (02-20-2008)
The award-winning game by Flair Interactive, Empathogen, has been converted for MacOS X and posted under the 'Game Downloads' section of the GMG. Go ahead and play it-- you won't be disappointed!
GMG Banner Exchange (02-20-2008)
Got a game making site you want to advertise? Send us a 468x60 banner ad, and we'll put it in rotation on the Game Maker's Garage. Host the 468x60 banner on your page, send us a link to it, and we'll enter it into the banner rotation. It's fast, simple, and gets word out about your website!
GMG Forums are up! (02-19-2008)
The Game Makers Garage forums are up, so go ahead and check them out. Post game announcements, get advice with your current projects, or just talk with other GMG members. We hope you enjoy!
GMG Rapidly Expanding (02-17-2008)
As you may have noticed, the GMG has been upgrading, upgrading, upgrading! We now have 250MB hosting, a search tool up at the top, news archives, an upgraded server, game screenshots, a game making contest, and column sorting in all of the categories! As you can see, we've been quite busy, and plan to add a lot more in the future, so please-- keep those comments coming!
Announcing the First GMG Game Making Contest (02-16-2008)
I am pleased to announce the first Game Maker's Garage Game Making Contest will be held starting today. The contest will try to find the best game made using SilverCreator or GameMaker created by the community.

The prize is a front-page announcement about the winning game, with a screenshot, and a permanent screenshot in the "GMG Hall of Fame," a banner that will be put up in the header of the website.

The contest begins today, Saturday, February 16, 2008, and the deadline for submissions will be Friday, March 15, 2008. At that point, all games will be posted, and voting will begin. The best game will be chosen based off user votes. The voting period will begin on Saturday, March 16, 2008, and continue for one full week, until Saturday, March 23.

All games must have been created this year, and can be submitted here.

Best of Luck!
The Game Maker's Garage Staff
The GMG Upgrades Servers (02-14-2008)
The Game Maker's Garage has upgraded their servers, to allow for a phase of expansion. Just a few of the things to come are: forums, game and web hosting, an improved downloads section, and news archives! Stay tuned for updates...
Lost Winds official website now up (02-11-2008)
The website for the first Mac Gamemaker MMORPG is now up, and has plenty of content introducing the game. The game itself is still being finished up, and a beta will hopefully out soon. You can visit the site here, and visit the development message board here.
Al releases GameMaker 3.9.9 (01-20-2008)
Al has finally released the (hopefully last) installment of GameMaker 3, bringing us ever closer to the much anticipated GameMaker 4.0. You can see the changes here and download the update here.
Roguesoft releases Rogue Frog (01-06-2008)
Roguesoft released their new "simple arcader" today, as a spin-off of the Moon Fable RPG. A frog moves around the screen, and you have to avoid it in order to progress through the levels. Read more about it and get the download link on the GameMaker forums.
Moon Fable 1.0.3b released (01-05-2008)
Roguesoft released the next beta release of Moon Fable, the much anticipated GameMaker RPG with a complete tile system and key-down support. You can download it off of the company website, or from their 'Games' page.

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