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[Sc v2.0a4] Doors+Mirrors+ScAnimate+Server/Client
« on: December 09, 2009, 07:28:30 PM »
Link: Doors OS 1.0
This isn't your average fake operating system, it's that and a little more.
Using Sc's newest drawing and array features I was able to simulate a very realistic looking operating system. Most would have separate cards for each action with no coding involved, but I decided to change that. This uses only 1 card and is all coding. Uses only 2 sprites, and that's for the door logos.
The whole minimum infrastructure is created, if someone wanted to add applications, files, or more folders; I made room for more code. The only block is your motivation and the complexity of the code.
Of course if somehow Mike was able to add structs/classes to Sc, I could destroy the complexity down to a very low level.

Link:Mirrors 1.0
Here's an example of using trigonometric functions, arrays, and Mike's new drawing commands all in one.
There are a few quirks if you increase the speed too high, but besides that it runs perfectly.

Instructions: Set the laser pointer anywhere, rotate it with the left/right arrow keys, then click space to turn it on. The black lines are the mirrored walls. To change the speed of the laser, use the left/right keys while the laser pointer is running.

I was thinking of making a game of this, like setting up a security system where you have to work your laser around blocks, hit other mirrors, and have to get it into the laser receiver. Then if you've covered enough space you'd go to the next level. Though don't have enough time at the moment so I'll just release it as a engine.

Link:ScAnimate 1.0
Long ago I posted a ScAnimate Alpha which only worked with moving blocks that were sprites. Performance was cruddy and very choppy. Now I'm making this with Mike's newest releases and the very special drawing commands.

So far I'm mainly concerned with the interface. Then I shall pursue frame by frame animation and allowing you to play your animation. I'm not too concerned with saving and opening as this is only a "play" or "pet" project though it wouldn't be too hard to add later if needed. One of the main things I'm working on in Sc is making interfaces with drawing commands, i. e., windows/buttons/check boxes/text fields/ect... Mainly the whole point of taking this out of Alpha.
The little window is moveable, via the top bar. The only working shape is the Circle, to make one just click circle then click on your screen to make circles. Once you have created a shape, click select to select and edit shapes. Once select is clicked, click on a circle and it will show it is selected by turning red. You can now move the circle around and if you click and drag the mini circle in the corner you can even change the size of the circle.
Remember, this is a work in progress and will have some kinks.

Link:Sc2.0a4 - Online Multiplayer Server and Client
This server and client works perfectly(and quite amazingly) well. This was so much easier to create than the last server/client mmo engine and much faster.
Without a keyup method and ELSEIF/OR/AND statements it became a bit more complicated then I would like but it's actually very simple to understand now.

Instructions: Open the server, it'll start automatically. Open Sc 2.0a4 and the client in it. Get the IP that the server displays and in the "Global Scripting" Open event, change IP$ to the server's IP. Now you can run the client and it will connect automatically. Use the arrow keys to move the circle.
Just decided to bundle a few engines.