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History of RasorMaker (GameForge)
« on: January 18, 2009, 10:26:43 AM »
The History of RasorMaker:

Redrasor goes back MUCH longer than this :P

About 2 years ago, I had just started using flash. I was very interested in this platform (having come from GameMaker (PC)), and was a devout Mac user. I really liked the system that GM used and decided that I should try to make a gamemaker. I suggested this to Gorfmasta and we decided that that would be cool. Our original idea was a bit far out but I eventually made a very simple system that could execute simple code, including standard variable manipulation (only numbers, floats were allowed), If then else statements and sprite rendering (vary basic) however I was still slightly incompetent and did not allow for much interaction with the user other than displaying stuff on the screen. This was called “GameForge”, however, I never made the interface and only ended up creating what is called “Smithscript 2.1” or “Smithscript Smooth”. This was an English like programming language for which you can find all of the information about at (you can also see some screenshots of an old rewrite of GF2 there :P)

I soon after attempted to create a GUI for the game, however, at that time I was not very skilled and created a very ugly.. thing that you can also see at the website. It was basic and generated the “BEGIN” code as well as let you edit the loop code.

GameForge 2
I soon saw the fallbacks in the language that I had created and set out to create a better engine, I did so, with a vengeance. I have rewritten GF2 from scratch at least 5 times, each time ending before a finished product (except for once where I released a crappy beta to the GM community). I had since then pretty much given up and have left GM for multiple months (at least 6 I think)

Recently I have decided to completely remake the entire engine and make something VERY different than the previous that will allow people to get easily in to gaming. However, I am constantly trying to make it more advanced. I believe that I have come up with an amazing platform and am eager to try to make it. RM will be written in a combination of at least 4 languages. Let’s see if you can guess which ones.

The engine for SmithScript is quite simple and is based off of one function:
(This is a guess, I do not have the source code on me so I cannot guarantee that any code here works, this is written in “pseudo” code.)

Function runcode (code:String) {
Iftrue = true;
Codechunks:Array = Code.split(“;”);
For (i=0; i<codechunks.length; i++) {
Part:Array = Codechunks.split(“ “);
If (iftrue) {
If (part[0] == “set”) {
//set __ to __;
} else if (part[0] == “place”) {
//place __ at __ __;
Placefunction(part[1],varcheck(part[3]), varcheck(part[4]));
} else if (part[0] == “if”) {
Iftrue = ifthen(part[1], part[2], part[3]); //if __ (opr) __ then;
} else {
If (part[0] = “else”) {
Iftrue = !iftrue;
If (part[0] = “end”) {//end if
Iftrue = true;

You should be able to guess what the other functions I refer to do.

I am very interested in how Gandolf does it.

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