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Other Languages & Tools / Re: Similar To SilverCreator for Windows
« Last post by Connors on July 15, 2019, 02:44:00 PM »
Honestly, you should try something like YoYo Games GameMaker. If you've coded before, it's not that big of a leap to go from Silver Creator to GameMaker.
GameMaker / Re: GM Cocoaizer
« Last post by Gan on July 11, 2019, 11:06:17 AM »
Sounds good Mike! Let me know how things go, Id love to play some of the classics.
Good work! Sorry about the large run times. Seems harder and harder to avoid.
I too no longer care for Obj-C. Swift does look pretty sweet.
Other Languages & Tools / Re: Similar To SilverCreator for Windows
« Last post by Gan on July 11, 2019, 11:02:21 AM »
My nephew has been playing with RPG Maker MV, its pretty nice.
Other Languages & Tools / Similar To SilverCreator for Windows
« Last post by Chamez on June 03, 2019, 01:03:07 PM »
Hey everyone,

I am looking for a program very similar to SilverCreator, but for Windows.
Missing making simple games like the good old days.

Recently been obsessed with "The 7th Guest" and wanted to try and make something inspired by it, albeit a much smaller project and much more simple. Almost considering just trying to do something similar in RPG Maker or some other simple engine, but I am not sure yet.

GameMaker / Re: GM Cocoaizer
« Last post by Al Staffieri on May 28, 2019, 04:38:47 AM »
Awesome. I hope it works.
GameMaker / GM Cocoaizer
« Last post by GMG Mike on May 23, 2019, 02:18:01 AM »
I am officially announcing GM Cocoaizer here. (Tentative name)

This will basically convert a GameMaker Game into a SilverCreator Game, so that it runs on the latest Macs*.

One of the requirements for GM Cocoaizer is that you will be able to run* it on the upcoming Mac OS X 10.15. This presents several unique challenges.

The Mac Resource Fork format will have to be read without using any of the old toolbox routines. Fortunately, I have found some Xojo code that does this, written by Thomas Tempelmann.

Then the resources themselves have to be parsed.

- PICTs can be parsed using "picttoppm", more information in the SilverCreator Cocoa thread. (This assumes that no games have Vector PICTs. The built in GameMaker drawing tools were bitmap, so I don't think this will be a problem). This also does not include PICTs compressed with tools such as GM Toolkit. However, GM Toolkit compressed the PICTs using PNG or JPEG, so all I need to do is remove the PICT "wrapper" from the underlying PNG or JPEG and process normally.
-- Secret Agent Bob is going to screw this up though because of Road Pizza Compression.

- Sound resources present an issue due to compression. I have code that can convert uncompressed sounds to WAV. What I really need is code that can convert "snd " resources to .caf files, because the .caf files are actually rather amazing and support ALL of the old compression formats (man afconvert in Terminal). SilverCreator now uses .caf internally instead of QuickTime.

- STR resources and the like are simple enough to parse.

*Unless I receive a donation, GM Cocoaizer and the converted games will not be "code signed". Code signing is just a surreptitious way for Apple to control developers. The $99 annual fee STRONGLY discourages younger folks from getting into programming**. Malware still occurs, using stolen credentials, or legitimately purchased credentials. This is not an issue of inadequate finances, it is an issue of principals. If the $99 is donated then I will use the certificates to code sign SilverCreator, GM Cocoaizer, and RuntimeMac (used by both SilverCreator and GM Cocoaizer).

You can open non-codesigned programs by right-clicking and choosing Open. If Apple removes this from OS X 10.15, this entire project as well as SilverCreator for Mac are permanently cancelled, and OS X 10.14 will be the last version of the Mac OS that I will ever install and use. If that situation occurs, I may consider an alternate project such as conversion to HTML5, since I could potentially partner with Gan or someone else on that.

** It was hard enough to convince my mom in 2000 (when I was 12) to pay $20 one time for GameMaker, which was at least a tangible product I could explain to her. $99 annually for "Developer Program Access", no way in hell.
That seems odd. How would you go about fixing it, Mike?

After doing considerable research* I have discovered that the NetPBM project meets the following requirements:
- Can open bitmap PICT files without distortion, and export them in a format which I can read easily.
- MIT licensed code (instead of GPL which would require me to open source all of SilverCreator).
- Compiles for 64-bit Intel into a stand-alone program (no other dependencies)

Therefore, SilverCreator will come bundled with the "picttoppm" portion of NetPBM, which will automatically be used with older projects to import the PICT files.

Saving projects has used PNG for some time now, so this mainly affects v1.5 stuff. It will also be used in my upcoming "GM Cocoaizer" (tentative name).

*This research included me actually writing small Objective-C command line programs that tested several ways to import PICTs and export TIFFs or PNGs. So I have now officially actually written Objective-C Cocoa programs. I did not care much for it. Swift looks a lot better, but ironically suffers from needing to bundle a large runtime library which is literally exactly what Xojo does.
Sorry Mike, you should now be an admin.
Apparently GMG Mike is just some kind of honorific title because I can't delete the spam post above.
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