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GnomeAgain Adds 'Gnome Defender' to the Downloads Section (11-08-2008)
GnomeAgain has added the game 'Gnome Defender' to the 'Downloads' section. Go ahead and try it out.
GuthanSoftware Posts Two New Games (11-08-2008)
GuthanSotware recently posted two games-- StupidTest 1, and Real Life 1. Head over to the the 'Downloads' section and try them out!
Happy Halloween from the GMG! (10-31-2008)
Happy Halloween from the Game Maker's Garage!
Happy Halloween!
'Dungeon' and 'Hang Man' Available for Download on the GMG (10-31-2008)
Silverwind has made both 'Hang Man' and 'Dungeon' available for download on the GMG.

Hang Man - The classic game of Hang Man returns. With both player vs player and player vs computer modes, there\'s tons of fun to be had with this game.
Dungeon - Navigate your way through the dungeon before your lantern goes out in this simple maze game. Source code included.

Both games are available in the 'Downloads' section.
Labyrinth Released (09-24-2008)
Tireas Dragon's Labyrinth has been released and can be downloaded in the 'Downloads' section. Go ahead, give it a play!
Congratulations to Silverwind and Ledorax! (09-02-2008)
Congratulations to Silverwind and Ledorax for their first and second place entries into the GMG Game Making Contest! They will be receiving their prize-- a $50 gift certificate to for 1st place, and a $10 gift certificate for 2nd, and a listing in the GMG Hall of Fame. 1st place will get a banner on each page of the GMG (excluding forums), linking to his game.

You can download the winning games below:

1st Place: Download Supa Pong
2nd Place: Download Gnome Slayer
GMG Banner Exchange (08-15-2008)
Got a game making site you want to advertise? Send us a 468x60 banner ad, and we'll put it in rotation on the Game Maker's Garage. Host the 468x60 banner on your page, send us a link to it, and we'll enter it into the banner rotation. It's fast, simple, and gets word out about your website!
Mystic Legend 2.0 Added to 'Downloads' Page (06-07-2008)
Eqwanox's Mystic Legend 2.0 has been added to the 'Downloads' page. Check out the screenshot and download the game by heading on over there.
Eqwanox Open-Sources Games & Projects (06-07-2008)
Game developer Eqwanox has graciously open-source all of his games, demos, and projects he's worked on. Take a look at the code, learn about different techniques and tricks, and improve your games! The download is listed under the 'Articles & Tutorials' section, and can be downloaded via the article.
Gridz v1.0 Released (05-16-2008)
Silverwind of Roguesoft released v1.0 of Gridz, a puzzle game made in GameMaker. There are many levels bundled with the game, and Silverwind encourages you to make your own! You can download the game and play it, or you can get started making your own levels by visiting the development forum.

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