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« on: July 27, 2015, 08:46:37 PM »
In case anyone was wondering (I know there are some lurkers 'round these parts) I have still been working with Love2D and Lua. I'd like to get LightMaze to the point that you can play it start to finish like a proper game. I have some other things in the works, though, as usual...

I was lucky enough to get Voxatron with a Humble Bundle and it turns out I now also have access to this lovely tiny indie game maker, PICO-8. Their front page describes it better than I ever could so check it out! The limitations do inspire people to make some very creative programs.

It runs on Lua and it's just a joy to work with if you feel like making something simple. It's a game-jam tool, for sure. It took me like 1 day to make a 2-player Tron clone so now I've got to try something bigger. :o

Oh yeah and this is like the coolest toy I've ever seen, the physics let you actually paint smooth-looking strokes:
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