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Info on Submitting Content <-Read Before Posting
« on: January 10, 2012, 04:49:00 PM »
Got content? Got links? We'd love to add them to the site. Just fill out the following form and we'll approve your content/links and post them as soon as we can. Be sure to include your name, type of content, article/review title, and any other relevant information. Even if you'd like to add yourself to the list of developer sites, or post a game to the downloads section, do that right here!

Content must contain:
Article - Name and description.
Site - Name, description, and URL.
Developer Tool- Name, description, and URL.
Game - Name, description, genre, link to a 70x70 icon image, link to a banner image, and download link, optional screen shots.
News - Title and description.
Review - Name of game, genre of game, developer of game, score you give game, your review description, and your forum name.