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GameMaker v3.9.95
« on: August 10, 2011, 09:52:18 AM »
GameMaker has been updated to v3.9.95. Registered users can download the update patch from

Latest Improvements:
v3.9.95 - 8/08/11
-FIX: Clicking on Al's Home Page in the Internet menu was not correctly linking to the page.
-FIX: In OS X 10.6 after accessing external files, a "Can't access temporary file" error would occur causing GameMaker to not be able to save the project.
-FIX: When importing graphics files, all files are now shown as available for importing.
-MOD: SPRITEPATH command was missing from the help text.
-NEW: Added SPRITECOLLIDE syntax to test if sprite is touching a specified area or coordinate.

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