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Title: SilverCreator v2.0b6: RELEASED
Post by: GMG Mike on May 23, 2020, 04:55:46 AM

- MP3s can now be imported. (Thanks Johna100)
- Windows Runtime: All sounds will be converted to uncompressed WAV when compiling. Unfortunately Windows does not have robust sound support, and we no longer use QuickTime (RIP QuickTime). This will make the sounds very big. Sorry about that. It's possible that I might change Windows to use Windows Media Player instead for the sounds.
- is now 1984.mp4 and improved quality. No longer looks like RealPlayer stream from 1998. The .mov did not work correctly with AVFoundation (no sound) and Windows Media Player.
- SilverCreator is now a "Retina" program. But not really. This is only to fix one of the dumbest Mac bugs I have ever seen. If the program is not Retina, PICTs import completely screwed up. But they import fine in Retina programs. It makes no sense. (PICTs are used in older .scproj files). This will make some parts look prettier, but the game graphics are still non-Retina for now.
- RESET command no longer causes the game to crash when running in Run mode and the variables window is open.
- Copying the card picture now works again (Broken since Cocoa)
- In Game Setup the About window text shows centered again.
- Even though I added the type code back to the plist file, you still cannot open old project files that don't have the .scproj extension. Work around is to add the .scproj extension and then it will open.
- Improved some toolbar icons for Retina.
- Help menu now links to GameMakers Garage.
- Added a new preference item "Play sounds when selecting them". Now you can turn this off if its annoying.
- Opening old project that uses PICT format no longer spews .pict files all over the Desktop.
- Renaming a sound now updates all references to the sound on cards, buttons, and click areas. (You'll have to update scripts yourself still, sorry).
- Detects more types of MP4 files for Sound import.
Title: Re: SilverCreator v2.0b6 progress
Post by: Johna100 on May 23, 2020, 04:45:40 PM
Thank you :)
Title: Re: SilverCreator v2.0b6: RELEASED
Post by: EqwanoX on March 16, 2021, 11:06:16 PM
thats awesome sc is still being updated, i will try recompiling some of my games with the new version and see how it runs. its funny how the sound files being 'big' ends up only being like 50mb increase which would have been a big deal back in 1996, nowadays i have two 2TB ssd's in my pc lol