Gnome Defender... Re-Released!04-25-2013
Gnome Defender has just been added to the downloads page. Check out this insanely awesome game that will eat up days of your life!

"Its like that game the last stand, but instead of Zombies there are Orcs. And graphics made in MS paint" -Gnome
It's Tutorial Summer!06-02-2012
Hey GMGers, as you might have noticed, the GMG hasn't fulfilled it's new member quota in quite a few months.

That's why I'm declaring this summer as Tutorial Summer.

Every week there will be new tutorials posted on the main GMG News page. I will be making an updated series on iPhone game creation. I might also do some Blender tutorials to mix it up.

I'd like it if you guys would contribute with all you've learned. The GMG could really use a wide range of tutorials. Music, making a nice storyline, a card based game in Al's GameMaker, how to use SilverCreator, doing neat stuff in the HTML5 GM, make your first webpage, how to do sound effects...

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Quest of Magic released for iOS!05-18-2012
After many months or perhaps years of work(procrastination), Quest of Magic has finally made it to iOS! So don''t delay! Hurry to your iDevice and download the latest of the greatest today!

You must save all of Azoth from the Underdark. Grab your sword, equip your shield and prepare for epic battles with goblins, bugbears and even Beholders! Around every bend is a mystery and every dungeon a puzzle. Though fear not, with your wit and skill you can retrieve the stolen artifact! The Elves, Dwarves and Humans depend on you! Even the Gnomes!

Are you up to the challenge?

Quest of Magic for iOS

Created by Silverwind, recoded by Gan and the intro voiced by Connors!

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